Paterson is an uncommon kind of movie. Written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, it maintains a slow pace throughout, never escalating or giving in to narrative tradition. At times there seems no direction as it proceeds routinely, one day after another. The character named Paterson (Adam Driver) loves writing poetry when he’s not driving a bus. He is married to Laura (Golshifteh Farahani) who is a loving and supporting wife and likes to keep their home pretty and cuisine inventive. They have an English bulldog with a lot of personality. And Yet Paterson seems to exist in his own self.

Experienced viewers may quickly deduce a theory regarding this. However not too fast. This film can frustrate those seeking an unraveling.  It’s a quiet, observant, and ruminative cycle of a man’s life each day of his week. At night, he likes to walk his dog and drop by the bar for a chat with the bartender or some regulars. It brings about conversations and mild subplots that carry humor. Then after his interaction, it moves back in course with Paterson occupied by thought, surroundings, and poetry. What this all means is subject to interpretation. It’s that kind of film.


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