The Endless

the endlessStarStarstar three quarter

The Endless is for those who like mystery from beginning to end. It’s basically a puzzle. The movie appears low budget, sparse, and with obvious special effects. However it efficiently creates atmosphere. The story is about two brothers who decide to revisit a UFO cult they once joined. Their intention is to find closure by making peace with its members whom they abandoned. The commune is remote and its residents behave like they have a  secret to share but can’t quite explain it yet. Scenes unfold with supernatural clues to an unknown power. The cultists don’t seem paranormal themselves but something exists in their proximity demonstrating reason for their beliefs. The remoteness of the camp surrounded by forested hills, the impossible physical occurrences, and strange glances create this eerie place. Some of the characters are friendly albeit a couple of isolated ones who are very troubled given their circumstances.

The actors are effective in their parts. The brothers have their own personalities, sharing a difference in opinion towards the cult. Either the younger one remains open minded to rejoining the cult or he may be in love with one its members. Played by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, they also direct the movie and do so with an apt judgement for pacing and sound effects. This is one of those movies that’s cleverly written and made to encourage discussion. Clarity is not its objective.


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