Tully can be imagined as a sequel to 2011’s Young Adult. Both are written and directed by Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman respectively and they also star Charlize Theron as a young woman who is experiencing hardship. In the 2011 movie, she plays an alcoholic who desperately wants to relive her younger years. In Tully, Theron is a married mother who wants to escape the struggles of her domestic life. The story begins with an impression. Marlo sits by her son, gently rubbing a brush on his skin. Later, she drives him to school and he throws an inexplicable tantrum. She also has a daughter and another one on the way. But after the third child is born, domestic life seems impossible to handle and it is only with the arrival of a night nanny that the situation appears to improve.

Charlize Theron as Marlo gives another exceptional performance. She has that effortless ability to embody haggardness. Her exhaustion seems to come out of the screen. She makes for a truly convincing mother of three. Her husband Drew is played by Ronald Livingston, probably best remembered for his role in Office Space. Here, he is required to be a passive husband whose mind seems preoccupied with play station games. And the nanny Tully, performed by Mackenzie Davis, is mysteriously charming in her openness. Tully is probably not as compelling as Young Adult. It develops into something of a meandering mystery. For example, the relationship between Marlo and Tully doesn’t grow in a specific direction. One is very forthcoming while the other just seems to be getting swept along. The ending however does clarify the situation well enough to make this film a recommendation. It leaves you with an unsettled reaction of having witnessed a powerful semblance of real life difficulties.


3 thoughts on “Tully”

    1. Thank you for the comment Mark. thats true, Tully’s struggles are presented in a realistic way. But the film is well made and it’s only about 90 minutes long.
      Theron’s performance really captivates.


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