beastStarStarstar three quarter

Beast can be described as a film about kinship. It’s about intimacy between two characters as it is regarding a criminal investigation surrounding them. Yet it also conveys a psychological aspect. It introduces Moll (Jessie Buckley) as a birthday celebrant in her home. She seems younger compared to the guests and stands  alone in the crowd. Her mother arrives and shows a solemn authority over her. She reminds Moll that her older sister is pregnant and to go bring out the champagne to celebrate the pregnancy. Moll exits the party.  Under unusual circumstances, she meets Pascal (Johnny Flynn), another unique individual and they begin a relationship. But as their bond grows stronger,  a series of unsolved murders continues around their community.

‘Beast’, a British film, obscures its narrative trajectory and reveals the truth much later. It emphasizes the relationship of Moll and Pascal. They are in love and recognize their inner similarities. They carry heavy memories. Wild and opposed by family and authorities, they remain deeply connected. Written and Directed by Michael Pearce, this is as much a romance as it is a crime film. However there are moments when the story shakes. When the couple argues in a restroom, they’re so intense that they don’t seem true to their nature. The narrative gives us curves and the story expands. It makes us consistently think about Moll and Pascal; The performances are captivating. Their inner drives are given but the film keeps them mysterious. This is an engaging feature, well shot, and an example of why independent films must not be ignored.


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