Top 10 movies for 2018

1.) Won’t You Be My Neighbor? 


“..a lovely documentary about Fred Rogers..”


2) The Favourite


“..because of its performances, screenplay, and visual passion”



3) First Man

first man

“..a biopic unique in its approach and look to the story behind Neil Armstrong”



4) Annihilation

annihilation effective film that creeps and remains vague, and gives its answers in fragments..”




5) Bohemian Rhapsody


“..While the story is more suggestive in showing who they  were, it reenacts their career in a very entertaining manner..”




6) Three Identical Strangers


“ intriguing and touching documentary..”


7) Searching


“..The performances are engaging and when viewed through webcams, it adds tension to the situations.”



8) Tully


“..Charlize Theron as Marlo gives another exceptional performance.”



9)The Commuter

the commuter

“..Liam Neeson is well placed in these  type of thrillers about labyrinth situations that deny explanation..”



10) Bumblebee


“..With a revised blue print, it gives more attention to screenplay factors such as character development and pacing..”



* Honorable Mentions : Leave No Trace, Black Panther



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