M. Night Shyamalan movies have an anxiety that seeps out of the screen. It absorbs us into a suspenseful atmosphere and we’re hooked by its occurrences. To its credit, Glass feels like such an experience. I also found it to be a smart and scary film that concludes the trilogy which includes Unbreakable and Split. In this story, David and Kevin are arrested by the police after a rescue attempt by David to save a group of cheerleaders from Kevin. They are confined to a mental institution where they meet up with Glass(Jackson) who looks heavily medicated. But it is with the arrival of Dr. Ellie (Sarah Paulson) that moves them into an action for escape.

The three main characters are resumed by the same actors of the previous films. Bruce Willis is the strong man David who has resorted to becoming a night vigilante. Samuel Jackson is the fragile boned Glass, and James McAvoy is the multiple personality Kevin who is also the menacing beast. There are lots of close ups that want us to catch their expressions and feelings. They are three protagonists who have been through painful experiences as revealed in flashbacks. The setting is limited to the institution grounds and there’s only a suggestion that it is supposed to climax at a different location. But it’s a slow paced movie that leads to an action filled finale which also gains our sympathy. 


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