Nobody’s Fool

nobodys fool

StarStarStarstar quarter

Paul Newman is kind of likable in the role of Sully, a tired old man who is usually well meaning but prone to mischief. He steals a snow blower that belongs to his employer Carl (Bruce Willis). He enjoys flirting with Carl’s wife(Melanie Griffith), and when injured at construction work, he tries to sue Carl in court. Sully’s other interests include poker and beer. But life is given new meaning when he is visited by his son(Dylan Walsh) and grandson(Alexander Goodwin).

It’s Sully’s attitude that is kind of likable and not his deeds. How he handles misfortune with a ‘so be it’ personality. His paternal issues underneath make him sympathetic too and how he cares for his kind landlady (Jessica Tandy). Nobody’s Fool isn’t flawless though. It goes on for a bit too long and includes a third act that pushes behaviors  towards disbelief. Did Carl’s wife have serious feelings for Sully? Nevertheless, this is still a movie about humanity and Newman creates a cool  character with sharp edges.  It’s a film, written and directed by Robert Benton, that appeals to the emotions of sympathy and humor. Also, watch out for Philip Seymour Hoffman’s  role as a high strung policeman.


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