Mrs. Doubtfire


StarStarstar three quarter

Set in San Francisco is the farfetched but amusing story of Mrs. Doubtfire (directed Chris Columbus), a likable movie about a father who tries to build a pleasant relationship with his children while disguised as their female nanny. The reason is because he is given a restraining order from seeing them after disagreements with his wife.

Robin Williams (Rip) plays the title role, imitating voices, and doing impersonations as he usually does, while having witty remarks. Sally Field is the charming wife. Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson are the children. Pierce Brosnan is there playing Sally Field’s gentleman suitor. And Harvey Fierstein is Williams brother who helps him get made up as a nanny. The situation does make us contemplate the chances of Williams character being discovered while wearing make-up, a costume, and a wig. A scene where a child services agent (Anne Haney) visits his apartment is quite funny, and so is a restaurant scene during the third act where he must constantly switch between being himself and a nanny. It’s a physical comedy, comedy of manners, and a domestic melodrama all in one.


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