Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

StarStarStarstar quarter

Thanksgiving Day isn’t off to a good start for Claudia (Holly hunter). She’s just lost a job as an art restorer and her teenage daughter prefers to be elsewhere for dinner. But Claudia has two siblings Joanne (Cynthia Stevens) and Tommy (Robert Downey Jr.) who will be joining her at their parents home for celebration.

The film is about family relations, their quarrels and understanding for one another. Hunters and Downey Jr’s performances are notable for their fun chemistry. As is their relationship with a supporting character Leo (Dylan McDermott). There are memorable moments like when Joanne reveals a secret of Tommy that surprises everyone at the table especially their parents (played by the late Anne Bancroft and Charles Durning). Apart from that their conversations are well performed and enthusiastic. It draws  on various emotions of sympathy, compassion, and warmth. Directed by Jodie Foster and from a screenplay by W. D. Richter, the Thanksgiving mood is well captured in the spirit and energy of its talkative characters. This isn’t an eventful plot but it gets us curious on how their relationships will turn out.


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