Beautiful Girls

Beautiful Girls


Beautiful Girls is a film that reaches the feelings of both men and women. It covers topics on reunions and relationships. It involves several friends who get together and catch up in an old snowy town in Massachusetts where they grew up in. The locals include two snow plowers played by Matt Dillon and Michael Rapaport. The former is Tommy, a helpless womanizer who tries to maintain the loverboy status he had during his glory days in high school. The latter is Paul, a  curly head, hopeless lover who gets an ultimatum from his girlfriend.   But the main character is Timothy Hutton as Willie, a settled down family man who aspires to be a professional pianist. He visits town and gets overwhelmed by memories of his father and the good old days.

Mira Sorvino and the witty Rosie O Donnell are also cast as locals. The latter has some humorous insights on the opposite sex. Uma Thurman plays a visitor who awes the guys with her beauty. Natalie Portman is a neighbor, young and unusually forthcoming in how she controls conversations. And Rapaport deserves another mention for how he portays awkwardness to a point of excellence. Ted Demme is the director and the screenplay is by Scott Rosenberg. Ultimately this is a film about immature men. It shifts through their individual situations and understands their need to grow up.


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