Happy Gilmore


StarStarstar three quarter

Directed by Dennis Dugan, Happy Gilmore is a balancing act between having rude comedy and a good heart. If only the filmmakers thought about an advise given in the film, “All you have to do is tap it in”, says Chubbs to Happy during an easy putt. It would have been quite a comedy. The story is based on a good idea and the film gains comedic momentum before losing some  of its humor at the half way point.

The predicament gains a lot of enthusiasm. A hockey fanatic plays golf in order to win a tournament for its money prize. His name is Happy and he intends to purchase his grandmother’s home which is about to be auctioned off at a foreclosure sale. Played by Adam Sandler, Happy has an odd golf swing. He backs a few steps away from the ball and walks towards it for a wild swing. Part of the reason is that he refuses to learn the game due to a lack in patience and having a bad temper. But Happy’s anger isn’t always funny and creates problems for the tours organizers. So in comes a character named Chubbs ( Carl Weathers) who is a fine addition to the plot. Chubbs is a golf professional who teaches Happy how to suppress his feelings and focus on the game. This is crucial to the films comedy because it shows how Happy struggles at self control. A fight with a gameshow host is the apex of his failures. He must also contain himself particularly against the arrogant Golf pro superstar Shooter Mcgavin (Christopher McDonald). The film is funny as a  strange comedy. But not so much later when the attention goes toward the sporting aspect and Happy’s great development.  There’s nothing wrong with the protagonist striving to reach goodness. But it turns out that Happy is a much more amusing character before he gets there.


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