Tommy Boy

tommy boy

StarStarstar three quarter

Tommy may not be the brightest student in college but is in the position of helping his father’s company succeed. Will he meet what’s expected of him? His supportive Dad has passed away and he’s paired up with a sarcastic assistant named Richard (David Spade) to do hard selling of auto parts across the country. It leads to a series of events that include sales presentations, meeting his brother in law (Rob Lowe), getting into clumsy accidents, and riding a dilapidated car.

The late Chris Farley makes for a cheerful and positive Tommy Boy. The chemistry between the lead personalities is likable – Spades sarcastic scorn and Farley’s upbeat enthusiasm. Together their situations have slapstick, bump-in-the-head type of humor. Rob Lowe has a scene where he urinates on an electrical generator and it’s painful to watch. The sophomore humor doesn’t always work. But directed by Peter Segal and with an entertaining Brian Dennehy in a short role as Tommys father, it contains a mix of shallow humor and wild ridiculous performances that can get  very entertaining at times. 


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