StarStarstar three quarter

Timecop exhibits impressive special effects in a story that deals with a law enforcer’s attempt to stop a greedy senator. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as the cop and Ron Silver as a politician of personal ambition. It’s a generic conflict. But the action scenes are comprehensible unlike some of the modern shaky cam sequences and there are some slick time travelling special effects.

Time Travel makes for an exciting topic if thought about in moderation. Otherwise there is always the confusion over which events happen first. The chicken and the egg scenario.  In this story Van Damme is referred to as a Timecop because he stops bad guys from travelling back in time to alter history for whatever gain, usually financial as shown in the opening sequence featuring a coach robbery. Ron Silver goes back in time to meet himself in order to scheme for a political campaign. It makes for some compelling entertainment watching Ron Silver meet with his younger self. Their physical appearances though are curiously the same considering the years difference. The movie also gains eagerness with its fluid special effects. Van Damme time travels using a two man ship that slides on a railing at full speed until it vanishes into thin air. Why he appears at his destination without the ship is unanswered but its kind of neat to watch how the atmosphere ripples when Van Damme pops out of it.  The film, directed by Peter Hyams, has its share of suspense and also an attention for time period and setting. Its got Van Damme at his prime demonstrating what he does best which is his onscreen kicking abilities.


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