Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

ace vent

StarStarstar three quarter

Ace Ventura is a Miami pet detective with a lot of energy. His job is to solve pet crimes such as recovering stolen animals using all means possible. But based on the condition of his vehicle, it’s not a high earning occupation. He sticks his head out while driving so he can see around a cracked windshield. His latest assignment is to find a missing dolphin named Snowflake which is owned by the Miami Dolphins football team. 

Jim Carrey is fun in the lead role which he does with facial expressions and lots of teeth exposure. He wears a colorful shirt, black boots, and has a behavior that is weird, eccentric, and amusing. The humor is slapstick and involves a lot of posturing with animals. Ventura keeps enough animals in his apartment to open a mini Zoo. His passion for animals is severe. Some of the human behavior though are indecent and the third act has a a twist that feels out of place. It isn’t exactly a neat twist. Directed by Tom Shadyac, the movie is also about its exaggerated characters particularly Sean Young as an aggressive police chief. Courteney Cox is also there as a love interest. But this is Carrey’s show and he is consistently nuts throughout.  


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